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Mission Statement:

To provide historians, students, and the general public with easy access to accurate information concerning the lives, works, ancestry, of Elizabeth Boynton Harbert and William Soesbe Harbert, and the causes with which they were associated.

How we accomplish our mission:

The Boynton-Harbert Society utilizes original photographs, letters, court documents and other historical research records in an effort to insure accuracy of information contained in this web site. All biographical/historical information contained herein references the "source" of said information and, where possible, provides a link to either a scanned image of the source document(s) or an authenticated transcription of the document(s).

Many of the photographs, letters, and other documents made available on this web site are owned by members of the Boynton-Harbert Society ("the Society") who have graciously authorized the Society to make them publicly accessible for non-commercial purposes through this web site. When these are used for non-commercial purposes it is only required that the user identify the Society and this web site as the source of the document; and, it is requested that the user provide the Society with a digitized or hard copy of the work in which the document has been used or cited.

From time to time derivative works may appear on this site that may be subject to copyright protection in the United States or other countries, and we make no warranties, express or implied, and cannot offer guidance on whether any use (non-commercial or otherwise) of any of those works is allowed. Permission for any use of those documents must be sought from the author directly.

Whatever your use, remember that you are responsible for ensuring that what you are doing is legal.

Examples of intended content:

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Lizzie's Summary Bio          A segment of Will's Civil War          A letter from Billy Boynton          A photo of Lizzie's childhood home

Most images contained within this site are high resolution to insure quality of download/duplication by the user. For this reason, some photos and associated documentation may be slow to load on opening a webpage. This is intentional and not a result of the user's access speed settings. Additionally, some photos may be larger than one sheet of paper. Use your printer's "print preview" option to resize for single page printing.

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